Cancer in Kidney Transplant Patients – Occurrence Frequency & Treatment Options 

Kidney disease, Chronic kidney disease ckd, Doctor with human model to study and treat in hospital.

Many kidney transplant patients are overcoming the immediate threat of kidney disease only to face the challenge of a cancer diagnosis. This has many implications but for those who face kidney cancer in their transplanted kidney, it’s essential to find a suitable treatment.  For a kidney recipient who has only one kidney, cryoablation offers a […]

Is cryo-immunology the next frontier for cryoablation? 

Cryoablation represents a frontier in minimally invasive cancer treatment, offering a novel approach to the destruction of both benign and malignant tumors. This procedure leverages extreme cold, applied directly to the tumor site, to induce cell death without the need for traditional surgical removal. The appeal of cryoablation lies in its simplicity and the reduced […]

Kidney Tumor Cryoablation Webinar with the Israeli Urologic Association

Kidney Cancer Cryoablation webinar for interventional radiologists and urologists. The webinar featurs a presentation from Professor Ofer Nativ, Urological Surgeon at Elisha Hospital in Haifa, Israel and Dr. Robert Sachner, Head of Interventional Radiology at Bnai Zion Medical Center, Haifa, Israel.