Cryoablation. It’s Your Choice

Hear Why Physicians Choose Cryoablation with IceCure

Cryoablation. It’s Your Choice

Hear why physicians choose cryoablation with IceCure  

Choose to Advance Minimally Invasive Cancer Care*

With its ultra-cold liquid nitrogen based technology, the ProSense Cryoablation System offers physicians a streamlined device for providing minimally invasive tumor treatment quickly, safely, and effectively with exceptional results. Easily added to your treatment tool kit, our highly efficient and user-friendly system, with options for in office treatment, helps support you in elevating your clinical practice, and accelerating patient recovery. 

*The FDA has not yet granted ProSense clearance for the treatment of breast cancer. Please refer to your country’s user manual for a list of approved indications in your region.

Choose Cryoablation for Your Practice

Superior cosmetic results

Only a small nick is made for the cryoprobe. Breast tumor patients can keep their breast shape intact

In-office treatments

In-office treatments for
breast tumors

Without the gas lines of other cryoablation systems, liquid nitrogen enables in office treatments outside of an interventional radiology or operating room suite

Low risk of complications

Can be performed under local or light anesthesia. Minimally invasive procedure with less hospitalization versus surgery


Rapid recovery & minimal pain

Patients can resume normal activities more quickly. Ice creates an analgesic effect for pain reduction


Fast & easy navigation

Ice ball boundaries are clearly seen under imaging to ensure adequate margins. Single cryoprobe placement is fast and simplifies procedure


“Cryoablation is a procedure that we know is safe, efficacious, cost effective and cosmetically superior to surgical removal… My patients have been very happy with the short, painless procedure, and the ability to return to normal activity immediately.” 

Andrew Kenler, MD,
FACS, Breast Surgeon,
Connecticut, United States



Webinar: Cryoablation in the Thoracic Cavity

This webinar lead by Dr. Julien Frandon of the Department of Radiology at CHU de Nîmes discusses various cases performed with the ProSense™ Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Based Cryoablation System in the thoracic cavity (i.e. lung, mediastinum). (60 minutes)

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Feasibility and Safety of Single-Probe Cryoablation with Liquid Nitrogen: An Initial Experience in 24 Various Tumor Lesions

The aim of this retrospective study was to assess the feasibility of the IceCure’s single-probe liquid nitrogen system for tumor lesions of various sizes and locations, and to evaluate the safety of cryoablation with this technique.

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Cryoablation Using Liquid Nitrogen for Metastatic Lung Cancers

This retrospective observational study conducted by Professor Hiroaki Nomori, MD found that cryoablation using liquid nitrogen would be one of the treatment methods for metastatic lung cancers <2.2 cm; and pulmonary function decreased significantly when cryoablation was performed for an

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