Webinar: Coding, Billing, and Reimbursement for Breast Cryoablation

Webinar on coding, billing and reimbursement for breast tumor cryoablation by Karen Scott. Karen Scott is the sole proprietor of Karen Scott Seminars and Consulting. She has been an educator for many years including teaching in the Health Information Management (HIM) Programs at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and Arkansas Tech University.

Online Expert Webinar on Cryoablation of Breast Tumors: Radiologist Perspective

Breast radiologist and Co-lead Investigator of the landmark ICE3 study for nitrogen-based cryoablation of small, low-risk, early stage malignant breast tumors, Dr. Kenneth Tomkovich in an educational session on breast tumor cryoablation. Watch to learn about the clinical data on the subject with post-cryoablation imaging, and case examples.