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Webinar: Soft Tissue Cryoablation with the European Institute of Oncology


Professor Franco Orsi, MD, PhD, EBIR and Dr. Paolo Della Vigna, MD of the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy will provide a review of the rationale, available technologies, and advantages of treating soft-tissue oncology cases with cryoablation. Video case study presented by Dr. Daniele Maiettini, MD

Webinar participants will: 

  • Learn about the technology and techniques behind Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) based cryoablation with the ProSense™ System from IceCure
  • Meet the IEO Team and facilities
  • Understand the rationale, technology, and advantages of soft-tissue cryoablation
  • Review cases: patient selection, settings, procedure overview, tips and tricks
  • View a cryoablation demonstration video