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Webinar: Breast Tumor Cryoablation with the ProSense System: ICE3 Study Update with Dr. Tomkovich


ICE3 Co-Primary Investigator and Interventional Radiologist, Dr. Kenneth Tomkovich shares his vast experience performing breast tumor cryoablation in his radiology practice and as part of the the ICE3 Clinical Trial on “Cryoablation of Low Risk Small Breast Cancer.” ICE3 is the largest multi-center study looking at cryoablation of small, low-risk, early-stage malignant breast tumors without subsequently removing them.

In this webinar: 

  • Learn about the technology and techniques behind Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) based cryoablation with the ProSense™ System
  • Understand patient benefits of cryoablation
  • Gain knowledge in how to read breast imaging in patients post-cryoablation
  • Get updated ICE3 clinical trial interim results