Cryoablation Using Liquid Nitrogen for Metastatic Lung Cancers

This retrospective observational study conducted by Professor Hiroaki Nomori, MD found that cryoablation using liquid nitrogen would be one of the treatment methods for metastatic lung cancers <2.2 cm; and pulmonary function decreased significantly when cryoablation was performed for an increasing number of tumors.

VAB and MRI Following Percutaneous Ultra-Sound Guided Cryoablation for Primary Early-Stage Breast Cancer: A Pilot Study in Japan

This study’s purpose was to evaluate the safety, feasibility, and cosmetic outcomes of cryoablation of breast IDC lesions and evaluate post-cryoablation MRI as a follow up tool for detection of residual malignancies and local recurrences. Study authors concluded that cryoablation of early-stage low-risk breast cancer tumors small than 15cm can be a potential substitute for lumpectomy.