In IceCure’s blog series, learn about our cryoablation technology, specific clinical indications, and more.

**IceCure has regulatory approval worldwide. The cleared or approved clinical indications for use may vary by region. Please contact us for additional information.

Cancer in Kidney Transplant Patients – Occurrence Frequency & Treatment Options 

Many kidney transplant patients are overcoming the immediate threat of kidney disease only to face the challenge of a cancer diagnosis. This

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Cryoablation for tumor destruction: what is cryoablation therapy?

Cryoablation provides a safe, effective, and minimally-invasive approach using extreme cold to destroy tumors of the breast, lung, kidney, bone, liver and is one method for providing palliative care.

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It doesn’t have to hurt: cryoablation in palliative care for pain management

The number of palliative procedures available to the interventional radiologist has rapidly expanded in recent years, and the need for continued implementation and innovation in this space is at an all-time high.

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How Care Has Transformed In 2020

How Care Has Transformed In 2020 As published in Forbes BY TLALIT BUSSI TEL-TZURE We now live in a world where the risk of potential exposure to Covid-19 affects how every health care decision is made. This has huge ramifications

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COVID-19 Pandemic: Now is the Time to Embrace Healthcare Innovation

COVID-19 Pandemic: Now is the Time to Embrace Healthcare Innovation   Healthcare Providers Should be Prepared Beyond COVID-19 The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we live and work, bringing unprecedented challenges and uncertainties, as well as opportunities. Within the

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