Cryoablation is Your Choice

IceCure empowers patients and physicians to choose a fast, minimally invasive option for breast tumor treatment with minimal scarring and rapid recovery.

Cryoablation is Your Choice

IceCure empowers patients and physicians to choose a fast, minimally invasive option for breast tumor treatment with minimal scarring and rapid recovery.

Choose Breast Cryoablation

Imagine treatment for breast tumors without painful tissue removal, general anesthesia, or an overnight stay in the hospital – the reality is here with the ProSense Cryoablation System. With only local anesthesia and the insertion of a small, needle-like cryoprobe, targeted tissue is frozen away in your doctor’s office in under an hour.

Breast remains whole:

The size and the shape of the breast are maintained with minimal to no scarring

Excellent patients & physician satisfaction:

100% satisfied with ProSense® procedure*


Office based procedure with minimal recovery time:

Patients can resume daily routine quickly

Promising results in the cryoablation treatment of breast cancer* 


of patients were free from local recurrence who were treated with ProSense™ and received hormone therapy*

*The ICE3 study is the largest controlled multi-location clinical trial ever completed for cryoablation of small, low-risk breast cancer.
The breast cancer indication for the ProSense System is currently under review by the FDA and has not yet received marketing clearance in the US. ProSense is cleared for the treatment of breast cancer in select markets; please review to your country’s user manual for a list of approved indications in your region.

Choose Cryoablation with IceCure

Expand Patient and Provider Choice

With our FDA cleared and CE marked* ProSense Cryoablation System, IceCure is expanding patient and provider choice for the treatment of a wide variety of benign and cancerous tumors. The liquid nitrogen-based system uses ultra cold temperatures to destroy tumors by freezing them.

Supported by clinical experience across multiple areas of cancer care, the minimally invasive system opens the door for fast office-based procedures. Patients and providers can now choose a proven and convenient treatment experience to freeze their cancer, not their life.

*IceCure has regulatory approval worldwide. Please contact us for additional information.

The Power of Liquid Nitrogen in Cryoablation

Uniquely powered by liquid nitrogen, the ProSense Cryoablation System achieves ultra-cold temperatures quickly for maximum tumor destruction.

Ultra low temperatures -160 C+/- 10 C

Outstanding results

Single cryoprobe

Easy to Use

Easy to operate

Easy to Use

Easy to operate

Fast & convenient

High satisfaction


“Cryoablation is a procedure that we know is safe, efficacious, cost effective and cosmetically superior to surgical removal. IceCure has improved upon the technology and developed a system optimized for breast fibroadenoma. My patients have been very happy with the short, painless procedure, and the ability to return to normal activity immediately.”

Andrew Kenler, MD, FACS

About Us

At IceCure, we believe in the power of patient choice. We understand that everyone is different and no one size treatment fits all. We believe that tumor treatment and cancer care should meet each patient’s unique needs. We believe cryoablation is a choice that can help turn today’s often daunting treatment experience into a hopeful and restorative one.

IceCure aims to set new standards in the treatment of women’s health and interventional oncology. By providing outstanding results with a minimally invasive, convenient, and comfortable treatment experience, our ProSense Cryoablation System delivers on this promise.

It’s Your Choice.