IceSense3™ System...rapid, office cryoablation for fibroadenomas

What to Expect

The procedure takes place in a physician’s office. Your doctor will use ultrasound (sonographic) imaging to guide a small probe (thin hollow needle) into the fibroadenoma, after local anesthesia. Extremely cold temperatures are used to destroy (ablate) the fibroadenoma. The procedure is comfortable and painless, as the cold acts with the local anesthesia to numb the area.

The procedure usually takes about 10-15 minutes. No sutures are required; as the procedure is performed using only a small skin nick, just an adhesive steri-strip is needed. As with a needle biopsy, many women can return to work or their normal activity quickly.

When Will the Lump Go Away?

What does the American Society of Breast Surgery say about Cryoablation?

Why Is The IceSense3™ Procedure the Best Option?

What Do Women Say About Their Experiences?

IceSense3™ Cryoablation Procedure
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