IceSense3™ System...rapid, office cryoablation for fibroadenomas


IceCure Medical develops and markets minimally invasive cryoablation therapies for women’s health. Our proprietary IceSense3™ system provides a minimally invasive, in-office definitive treatment for symptomatic breast fibroadenoma. The IceSense3™ procedure is an attractive alternative to the current standard treatment of open surgical excision. The IceSense3™ procedure uses ultrasound imaging to guide a small probe (thin hollow needle) into the fibroadenoma. The system then uses extremely cold temperatures to destroy (ablate) the targeted fibroadenoma in situ. The IceSense3™ cryoablation procedure is a safe and effective treatment option that can be performed in 10-15 minutes in the comfort of a doctor’s office.

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